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    John Henkel

    I had a moment just after I finished my lunch and thought I’d check up on Susan’s site. I randomly clicked on a Recent Post (The Sky is Teaching Me) and found the following ending paragraph that is so Susan:

    “Apricots, it seems, are teaching me about their kind of love. Although they come from the tree, apricots don’t belong to the tree. They feed anyone who happens to come along when they’re ripe. When I got home I began to feel a little bit like an apricot tree. Even now when I cultivate inner space through meditating and taking in the sky, I feel like an apricot tree. I walk along wishing people well and when someone is having trouble I listen. Little things, like apricots available to all. And like being with the lama, I fill myself with “apricots” from others’ trees.”

    Thank you, Susan, for always listening.

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    • This topic was modified 5 months, 2 weeks ago by  John Henkel.

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