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    Nancy Brown Johnson

    Susan will always be a Hero to me. It is because of her story in Reader’s Digest about “Finding My Father” that I found all of the people in AWON. It has been a great journey since January of 2000 and I will forever be grateful to Susan. My heart aches with all the rest of her family and friends with this unexpected loss of such a special Lady. God Bless Susan and her family always. Rest in Peace Dearest Susan and I know the reunion with your Father is wonderful for both of you.

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    John Henkel

    That’s a beautiful way to remember Susan, Nancy! I’m so glad you found the AWON group. Thanks for sharing.

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    I feel blessed having to know Susan. She was my hero. She was always very empathetic, loving and supportive. One memory of her that I will never forget is this. One day we were walking together in DC, and she told me she recently turned 60, which surprised me since she looked so much younger. What surprised me even more is that she said that she loved being 60, and then she jumped up and clapped her legs together in the air. I was only 34 at he time and this was very inspiring to me – it completely changed what I thought about age. She loved life like nobody else I knew.

    A week before she got sick she gave me a testimonial on my poetry book. Even though we were not in touch much since I moved away from DC area 7 years ago, she was very happy to help me when I asked her to read over my poetry book, and her encouraging words would always be a guiding light for me.

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      John Henkel

      Beautiful memory, inessalove! She was such a healthy person in body and mind.

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