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Hold Loosely

Susan Hadler May 5, 2014

ElephantsWhen he was young in Africa, he said,

people held things loosely.

Nothing was yours to keep.

Life and death forever present –

you held things lightly

and you felt at home wherever you went.

You were part of everything – baobab trees, elephants, and people,

and everything was part of you.

P102002DucksSunday morning I noticed my mind going into a frenzy of worry about some small thing and decided to take a walk.  After walking awhile I stopped at the fountain in Malcolm X Park to watch a family of ducks.  Watching the ducks reminded me of standing and breathing with the nuns in Plum Village (Stillness is a Door), silent and still, with enough inner space to know that I was alive and part of an amazing world.

I remembered other times when I felt alert and undistracted, attentive, and happy to Giraffbe alive.