Lost in the VictoryBased on interviews with 25 people whose fathers died in WWII, Lost in the Victory breaks the silence surrounding mention of the death of fathers in war by telling the stories of growing up in the shadow of their father’s death.

The voices in this book belong to sons and daughters who for half a century have seldom spoken of their fathers, or of their own lives after the deaths of their fathers.  At a young age, they learned to keep quiet about such things, and only with great reticence have they now been able to discuss their loss and its impact on their lives.

Authors:  Susan Johnson Hadler and Ann Bennett Mix

“What an absorbing book.  I’m struck by the thought that the cost of victory is never fully paid, that the gods of war keep demanding further tribute.  All the participants in the Second World War, whether as winners or losers, will continue to pay well into the 21st century.  I think this is especially true of those who were born during the war in which their fathers lost their lives.  Hadler and Mix have done a good and lasting thing bringing together some of America’s war orphans.”  STEPHEN AMBROSE, author of Citizen Soldiers and Band of Brothers.

“. . . . In spite of the adverse circumstances into which many of the contributors were thrown in their childhood, Lost in the Victory contains some of the most beautiful accounts of self-healing I have ever encountered.” Vamik Volkan, M.D., author of Life After Loss:  The Lessons of Grief.  

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