Still sleepy I stopped by the local coffee shop this morning.  While waiting for my chai I glanced into a round, leaf-framed mirror and jumped back.  The face in the mirror was that of a young, dark-skinned man, not the familiar pink-skinned face I was expecting.  Chuckling, I saw that the mirror was a wreath, a Christmas decoration, not the mirror I had assumed it to be.

And yet . . . maybe it was a mirror – a reflection of a truer reality.  In that startling glance, the young man who came into my awareness was as real to me as I am to myself.  I know nothing about him and he knows nothing about me, but when I saw him as me, it didn’t matter.   The “stuff” that would usually separate us did not exist in that one moment.

                       He got his coffee.  I got my chai.mirror moment

                        We stepped into the street.