Paul SelbyStanding on a chair I opened the glass cabinet above Mother’s desk, reached inside and lifted out the heavy leather-bound book.  The leather crumbled as I held it and turned the pages to read about Lincoln’s son, Willie, who died young and left the family to grieve.  I read the tender letter Lincoln wrote to a woman whose husband died in the Civil War and knew that my family wasn’t the only one to lose a husband, father, or son in battle.

Paul Selby, the author of that precious book, was my great-great-grandfather.  He was a man who loved Lincoln and he was the editor of the Illinois State Journal, the anti-slavery newspaper in Lincoln’s hometown of Springfield.

Who was this ancestor and what was his part in the life of the country during the time of greatest  conflict?  I aim to find out, to visit Springfield, Illinois College, New Orleans, and other places he lived and wrote.  The search is on.