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Paul SelbyStanding on a chair I opened the glass cabinet above Mother’s desk, reached inside and lifted out the heavy leather-bound book.  The leather crumbled as I held it and turned the pages to read about Lincoln’s son, Willie, who died young and left the family to grieve.  I read the tender letter Lincoln wrote to a woman whose husband died in the Civil War and knew that my family wasn’t the only one to lose a husband, father, or son in battle.

From:  America’s Civil War Magazine 4/17/15

Paul Selby

At Ford’s Theatre Wednesday, we met writer Susan Johnson Hadler, who was visiting with her great-great-grandfather in mind. Paul Selby was a Lincoln associate and editor of the Illinois State Journal in Springfield. He was one of the first in Lincoln’s hometown to learn of the assassination, and remained by the telegraph all night to learn of the president’s fate. His editorial on the event was published on this date in 1865: