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What did I realize in the course of my searches? These seven things among many others:

First, That it’s possible to change the present outcome of past sorrows in my case the traumas of war, family feuds and mental illness. Delving into and coming to understand the inter-generational effects of these trauma for Mother, for the family and for myself has made me more accepting and free of the tensions of family secrets and prohibitions.  I am no longer a girl looking for her father; I know who I came from  and I have a more accurate sense of who I am.  Finding Mother’s sisters has given me a greater feeling of belonging than I’ve ever known.  This is intergenerational healing -true for for my children and their children as well as for myself.

 Happily, Utne Reader has posted the first chapter of the book online:

 Is it possible to miss someone you’ve never known? The Beauty of What Remains (She Writes Press, 2015), by Susan Johnson Hadler, is a memoir about discovering missing members of a family and then bringing them back together — all while traveling through midwestern America, France and Germany to do it. This excerpt, which details the beginning of Hadler’s life and her father’s death during World War II, is from Chapter 1, “Questions.”

When I was in Boulder, CO my sister Clare arranged this interview with Maeve Conran at KGNU.

David Abrams of The Quivering Pen, a book blog, published a story I wrote about writing my story.  It begins:  “I knew I had a story but I had no words.”

Talking about the book “The Beauty of What Remains” and the secrets researching your family’s history can turn up.  Show guests: author Susan Johnson Hadler and Indianapolis-based historian/presenter Glory-June Greiff.

Susan reads from her book on The Author’s Corner.  Type her name in search and click:


Almost everyone inherits some form of trouble from past generations.  I was born into a family with missing people, the result of war, family feuds and mental illness.  The door to information about them was locked and I didn’t have the key.  Who were they?  What happened to them?  Where were they?  Did I look like any of them?